Kancil With Monkey ( a piece of cake)

             One day in the forest, there are many kinds of animals living in harmony and peace each other. Each animal has his own life and activities. But there is one animal that is always making trouble and is very clever, the name is Kancil. With the cunning of reason and intelligence to speak to fool his opponent. Kancil known as the beast with a million clever deception. Well this time the target monkeys.

            On one day a monkey was enjoy hanging and shade under the bamboo tree. Singing, whistling with the cool and peaceful porch enjoying a piece of cake. Kancil Come, see the monkey that was cool to enjoy a piece of cake. Cunning of reason appears to take the cake in the hands Monkey.

The monkey then had to come up Kancil, while asking “What up Cil? You call me.”

Kancil  : “Nyet .. Can you given me a bit of cake, just a little”

Monkey : “Yes … Cil .. I’m care about others, yes this is my half of the cake,”

Kancil : “Thank ya Nyet … you’re so good, but let’s me to cut the cake,”

            Monkey give the cake to be cut by Kancil without the slightest suspicion against the Kancil. “This is the cake you cut a fair Cil …,” The monkey said as he handed a cake to Kancil.

            Kancil with a sly sense to cut the cake, one big and other small without the knowledge of the Monkey. Then give a small part to Monkey then the great he held his own. “Cil … why is big your one?,” Said Monkey.

Kancil : “Come give to me, I make for the same cake,” and Kancil eat a little of the cake which he held, “It’s the same?.”

Monkey: “Not Cil … this is still a big mine,”

            Kancil Monkey takes the cake hands and ate a little cake, and so on until the cake was eaten Kancil.

            Finally Kancil eaten all the cake while Monkey just got upset at not getting the cake when the cake was his own. Since then the Monkey hates Kancil. Well that was a little story about the cunning that made Kancil. Thank you have read this story may be useful.

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